Second part of my summer vacation ... Germany!

We stayed with Ruth, my wonderful mother in-law in Buchholz, which isn't too far from the famous port city of Hamburg,

which has been in the spotlight for heavy protesting when we were there during the G20 summit. Talk about interesting timse! Anyway, I tried to keep a video diary of my days, and will be posting them here once they are edited :)

And no, we didn't go into Hamburg during the summit - aside from all public transport being pretty much shut down, wandering around the street fires and protestor chaos and two precious moms in tow wasn't deemed the best idea. We did follow the news and do a good deal of chin-wagging about the unfolding events over some white wine though!


Vlog #1  Sweeping landscapes at the heath in Nordheide

Vlog #2 Getting Bubbly in Hamburg

Volt #3 City Hall and An underground meal at parlament