work with me. 

Experienced event host

With six years of event hosting under my belt,  I've worked with clients from all industries in all kinds of settings, and understand what it takes to make your event a success. Whether it's injecting some warmth and  fun into a corporate dinner, keeping energy levels up at a 5am fun-run, or convincing CEOs to participate in an on-stage dance-off, the work of a professional emcee is all about speaking to the crowd and making people feel comfortable.  If you'd like me to host your event, find out more on my emcee page.

TV Hosting & modelling

Aside from talking to the crowd, I also talk to the camera. I hosted Hypp TV for a number of years and featured on 8tv's second season of G-Thang. Feel free to check out the portfolio page for a gallery of past events, modelling and magazine features and scroll down for a showreel showcasing TV work and video features.

   Showreel, 2016